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Campi & Company specializes in executive coaching, leadership development,

and corporate reputation management.


Executive Coaching


For senior leaders, we offer one-on-one coaching to overcome obstacles and achieve business wins. In Campi & Company, clients gain not just a coach, but a confidant, with the skills and expertise to help leaders grow in their current roles, take on new ones, groom their teams, and manage challenges with confidence.


Our clients are C-suite executives at the top of their game, called upon to advise policy makers, communicate critical information to the public, and do lifesaving and economy-sustaining work across diverse industries, including health care, hospitality, financial services, and more.

Whether clients are preparing to take on a new leadership role, communicate their vision, manage a PR crisis, appear at the White House, or go live on CNBC, Campi & Company is by their side.

We offer customized coaching programs with a mix of in-person and virtual sessions.




Leadership Development 


Whether for rising stars or established executives, Campi & Company offers a series of half-day and day-long group workshops that take a deep dive on topics such as shifting one’s identity from follower to leader, presenting one’s ideas with power, working effectively with the C-suite and board, managing internal clients, writing effectively, managing media interviews, and managing the first crucial hours of a crisis.


We speak from 25+ years of personal experience advising America’s top leaders, from Fortune 500 CEOs to United States Senators. We also draw upon the wisdom of the brightest minds in business — including powerhouse executives, leading consulting houses, and academic scholars — and condense their key insights into practical skills and frameworks for success.


We offer both our Campi & Co. Academy signature training package as well as customized options to align with your needs.


Corporate Reputation Management


Your company operates at a 24/7 pace with the whole world watching. Particularly in highly regulated, consumer-facing industries, the question is not whether, but when, the firm will face a crisis that threatens its business, its brand, or both. We help leaders understand the forces working against them in a crisis, from denial, to the “fog of war,” to the “Mission Accomplished Syndrome.”


But more importantly, we train leaders to prepare for risks before they occur — from adverse patient outcomes to lawsuits, cybersecurity attacks, fatal accidents, social media controversies, challenges with mergers and acquisitions, and more. 

Our seminars teach executives how to:

  • Anticipate potential crises,

  • Craft a crisis playbook,

  • Build a war room,

  • Manage the first hours of a crisis, and

  • Capture lessons learned.

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