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Campi & Company specializes in corporate reputation management,

executive branding, and public affairs.


Reputation Management


You operate at the intersection of business and government, with the whole world watching. We work in the trenches to help you manage complex issues.


We have represented clients on issues ranging from whistle-blower lawsuits to Congressional requests, privacy matters, labor-union negotiations, billing practices and cybersecurity.


Our experience spans diverse industries, including health care, hospitality, education, energy, housing, telecommunications and entertainment.




Executive Branding


You’re a tireless evangelist for your company’s brand. But what's your personal leadership brand? Does your board understand your value? How do shareholders and analysts perceive you? What’s your name synonymous with? In what topics are you the undisputed expert? And when it comes to publicity, are you telling your story in a way that positions you to reach your next career goal?


At Campi & Company, we work one-on-one with the nation’s top executives to develop your personal leadership brand. Here’s our secret: We transplant lessons learned in the political arena – where elected officials understand in their bones that “perception is reality” – into the corporate world. We remind you that telling your story is a continual process, because you’re always running for something.


Public Affairs


When business leaders are called upon to lead civic campaigns, we know the roadmap. From economic development to health care, transportation and education, we work in the trenches to help you manage public affairs campaigns that strengthen your company, your city and state.

We have worked directly with Fortune 500 leaders, including:

  • The chairman emeritus of Georgia-Pacific to save a major city hospital, 

  • The vice chairman of GE to pass statewide school-board reform, 

  • The chairman of Equifax to launch a 10-year regional jobs and economic development plan, and 

  • The chairman of Coca-Cola Enterprises to pass water-conservation legislation.

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