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Be Heard. 

Campi & Company specializes in executive coaching, leadership development, and corporate reputation management. 


Our founder — who has spent a 25-year career at the intersection of business, politics and media — is a trusted adviser to top executives in highly regulated and highly scrutinized industries.


In Campi & Company, clients gain a partner who knows how to navigate high-stakes leadership and communication, whether in a boardroom, a hearing room or a newsroom.

Esther Campi

Founder & CEO

During a career spanning 25 years, Esther Campi has been a trusted adviser to America’s top leaders — from Fortune 500 CEOs to U.S. senators.


Campi’s rare “trifecta” of experience at the highest levels of business, government, and media comes from her roots as a chamber of commerce executive, U.S. Senate press secretary, and award-winning journalist.

In addition to serving clients, Campi is a sought-after speaker, writer and industry expert.

Discovering the Fire (Union Member House

Our Expertise

“As a global company operating in a complex business environment, LabCorp encounters a wide range of challenging and high-profile issues. Esther is a trusted adviser; we rely on her for rapid responses under tight deadlines, actionable advice at crucial moments, consistently sound judgment and unerringly insightful counsel.”

- David P. King
Former Chairman/CEO, Labcorp

“If I had to pick one word to describe Esther, it's 'professional.' When I co-chaired the Governor's water task force, I relied on Esther's counsel for explaining complex concepts in a way that people could understand and support. Ultimately, Georgia passed its first-ever statewide water conservation plan."

- John Brock

Former Chairman/CEO, Coca-Cola Enterprises

“Esther is the person you want by your side in a firefight. Her support and counsel were invaluable to me during our multi-year campaign to save Grady Hospital.”

- Pete Correll
Former Chairman,
Atlanta Equity;
Chairman Emeritus, Georgia-Pacific

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